Today I was part of a protest against David Willetts’ presence at the British Science Festival in the University of Aberdeen campus. Willetts and his department are responsible for implementing university policies in Britain which restricts university education to those who can pay, rather than open it to all those who are able. 

When confronted today, Willetts argued that his policies leave the Exchequer better off and rubbished the findings of a recent HEPI seminar in favour of studies by the IFS & OBR. Graduate employment is also ‘not a problem’ despite around 1 in 5 recent graduates being unemployed.

In June 2011, Willetts blamed feminism for taking away jobs from the menz, yet today in discussion with our group, claimed that ‘female earnings are very important’ to reaching the 3% target growth in personal income. At least he was happy to engage with us (unlike the University Principal Ian Diamond who fled into the Meston Building), he’s still Tory Scum.

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